Radish Loft Loyalty Program

Digital Loyalty Cards

Retire those paper punch cards. Loyalty System’s digital loyalty system helps to foster loyal customers. Each loyalty card is custom designed to enhance the customer’s experience with the business. Each time a customer visits the store and makes a purchase, they will earn points or punches that will turn into valuable rewards! Customers love interacting with the system and receiving validations in real time. Reward them before they ever leave the counter to provide a positive and memorable experience!

Establish Customer Loyalty

Attract new customers and keep them coming back! Your customers are not simply transactions but rather those enjoying the products and services that only you can provide. Give them a reason to return more often, bring others with them and enjoy spending more in the process. Loyalty Systems provides you, as a business owner, with a powerful tools to create a “virtual”, interactive experience with customers.  We help to establish your name recognition in the market. Customers love interacting with our systems and in turn share it with others.  Reap the rewards of positive word-of-mouth! The best kind of business.

Unlimited Push Notifications

Text message marketing, move over!  Businesses can send outbound push notifications to customers that have marked them as a favorite! Why is this important? You can send unlimited messages out to loyal clients to notifying them of upcoming specials and events. Along with text, customers will receive custom designed coupons, features and rewards that they will want to come in and redeem! Take advantage of this simple, strategic way to reward those that have taken the time to indicate they enjoy your products and services!

Geo-Tools & Beacons

With Loyalty System’s apps you have the ability to set up geo-messaging, geo-fencing and beacons to stay in contact with your customers and let them know about time specific promotions. For example, “Early Bird Special – Bring your car in this morning and receive 20% off any wash and detail”. You can set these type messages to automatically wake up the phones of customers when they pass within a certain radius of your business! These tools allow you the flexibility to determine how wide a radius to set up outside the business. Take it a step forward now. Are you ready for this? Beacons allow you the ability to alert phones of loyal customers when they at your entrance and/or at various places within your business.