Group Promotion

Our platform allows businesses and organizations to run cross promotions that seamlessly integrate together in real time. For instance, groups of businesses, clubs, associations, non-profits, etc. can create promotions and coupons that can be redeemed at any participating locations. This provides strength in numbers and fosters community in a way that benefits both the businesses and consumers. This tool is invaluable for festivals, events, sponsorship, fundraising, shopping centers, etc. The sky is the limit.

Social Media & Mobile Payments

As part of your personalized app package, you will receive formatted promotional materials that can be sized ready for social media.  Use these to help build “like” campaigns and communicate the same messages and promotional campaigns on-line. Our coupons are customized and can be shared via social media.  At Loyalty Systems we also have more extensive social media management packages available.  Loyalty System’s apps are developed to be able to integrate with mobile credit card processing systems such as Apple Pay and Android Pay! Our menu ordering and merchant processing services are PCI, EMV and NSF compliant. It provides peace of mind to know that through Loyalty Systems you are using a system that is designed to adapt and evolve with national industry technology changes related to merchant processing, Point-Of-Sale, Gift Cards and other related services.

Local Support & Service

Although our platform structure is being used nationally by many major brands, Loyalty Systems LLC is a Mississippi Gulf Coast based company that believes in supporting our local business community and reward the customers that support them.  We proudly provide personalized support to our clients, so that you can provide that to your customers. You will not have to manage your loyalty program alone! We will NOT route you to foreign call centers or cumbersome voice mail options. Our team of service professionals will be available to help make Loyalty System’s services work for you and your business. We will set up and customize your digital platform; then provide implementation and support to the degree that you want us to be involved. Loyalty System’s support and flexibility allows you to focus on the most important things – your business and customers. We are only a call and visit away!