Why did the book “Animal Farm” become a bestseller?

Why did the book Animal Farm become a best-seller? This question has been asked countless times. The author George Orwell wrote it over a decade ago, but the publication of the novel only made it more popular. The novel, which was initially rejected by multiple publishers, eventually became a best-seller. It seems interesting reading the Animal Farm essay. Many people now consider it one of the best books written by an author who is no longer with us.

Its popularity is well-known. In September 1945, the American Book of the Month Club picked it as a selection. In England, the novel quickly became a best-seller. Winston Churchill and the Queen mother read it. The book’s political content appealed to the left-wing intelligentsia who had previously turned a blind eye to the Soviet Union. The political message of the novel is still relevant today.

The popularity of Animal Farm rose dramatically when the Cold War broke out. It remains a classic of the 20th century, and continues to find admirers in each generation. Despite the fact that its cover has changed over the years, the book has found a new audience with each edition. The question of why did the book become a bestseller has remained unanswered for over 70 years.

While many people associate Animal Farm with a dystopian society, it was far from it at the time of its publication. Orwell’s novel was a popular read in its day. The British government was allied with the Soviet Union against the Nazis and Orwell was not a fan of the Soviet Union. Instead, Orwell turned to his earlier writing about the Russian Revolution, which led to the dictatorship of Stalin. Maybe because of this book Animal Farm become a cult? This novel was initially regarded as a dubious read, and many publishers were uninterested. It received lukewarm reviews, and many readers thought it would never make it to the top.

Although many people still view Orwell’s novel as a “political” book, it is also a work of fiction. In the book, a pig is the collective leader of a society. In the fictional version of the novel, the pigs are led by the pigs and reward their workers according to their productivity. The pigs’ utopian society was very different from the real life society in the story, but Orwell’s satirical work reflects the current situation of mankind.

In the story, the animals in the novel are not given individual names, and the pigs are unable to speak for themselves. They only bleat and cheer for Napoleon. The pigs are the first-generation subjugated animals. The pigs are considered the children of Napoleon. In the story, the pigs are not allowed to talk to each other, which is an allegory of their parents.